Paul Turner the victim

Paul Turner the victim from Skelmersdale has spent the last 3 years (to date) trying to harm my family.

Click the image below of CLICK HERE to see some of his hate campaign.  Notice some of the dates and some of the websites he has used!

I do not need to go into all the details here as they are well documented on this website and also on (CLICK HERE TO VIEW IN NEW WINDOW)

Paul Turner will have you believe HE is the victim of a hate campaign, well, let me show you the facts.

My campaign was a defensive campaign, started AFTER Paul Turner posted comments calling me a paedophile. This was the last straw and I will never stop now until I get justice!

This is a small collection of his behaviour over the last 3 years, he has obsessively posted on hundreds maybe thousands of websites, material to damage my reputation and my families.

This is all live (to date) on Google when searching for MY name or my business name.  He also resorted to posting on dozens of website calling me a paedophile, these fortunately have now been removed, Lancashire Police do have the evidence but refuse to charge Paul Turner, but though it necessary to charge me for telling people he was a Police Informer…!

Click the image below OR CLICK HERE , it is very long, you will need to scroll down. When it opens in a new page, you may need to click it again to enlarge it.