About This Website

June 18, 2016 sdadmin 0

In May 2013 I dismissed an employee  – Paul Turner from Skelmersdale – for gross misconduct. He then went on a disgruntled hate campaign against […]

Massive number of Links

February 9, 2015 sdadmin 0

Thanks to whoever provided 14,813 links to this website (Paul Turner no doubt), all alleging porn and warez, clear none of that here. A clear […]

Paul Turner Kills Again

December 15, 2014 sdadmin 0

I think someone is losing the plot, or trying to dilute web rankings about the name Paul Turner. http://pastebin.ru/RBbCGHTa

More stuff posted by Turner

October 4, 2014 sdadmin 0

A well known website for stalkers is ipaste.  You will see this post http://lpaste.net/112043 has attacked me again, it can only be Paul Turner, who else would […]

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